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It has good access to sightseeing spots and is ideal for continuous stays.

Shijuhachitaki Waterfall,Mt Kuraiyama,Mt Norikura,Kamikochi,Mt Hotakadake,Shinhotaka Ropeway, etc.
Located in a place with easy access to sightseeing spots.
  • Takayama City

    • 5 minutes by car from the hotel

      Kamisannomachi-dori Street

      There are seven sake breweries, making it ideal for visiting sake breweries.
    • 10 minutes by car from Takayama Station

      Hida no Sato

      You can enjoy making a real gassho at Hida no Sato.
      It is a recommended spot to spend a leisurely time.
      Pets are allowed.
    • Shijuhachitaki Waterfall

      Nine-flowered grass of Shijuhachitaki Waterfall.
      You can enjoy the whole flower garden.
      The best time is around June.
    • About 40 minutes by car from this hotel

      Uodome-no-taki Waterfall

    • About 90 minutes by car from the hotel

      Ikegahara Wetland

      Ikegahara Wetland is around Golden Week.
  • Shirakawa Village

    • About 50 minutes by car from the hotel


      World Heritage Site Shirakawa-go view from the observatory overlooking the World Heritage Site Shirakawa-go.
      Please enjoy making Gassho.
  • Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture

    • About 20 minutes from Hirayu Onsen Place stay


      Kamikochi is a recommended summer spot.